- Together with the client, we analyze the company's needs to understand the corporate culture and business
environment of client, and determine the required set of skills and competence through the SWOT analysis,

competitors' analysis, and organizational diagnosis.
- We define and determine the required technical skill sets and competency for the position.
Then, develop a draft position specifications and description for the client's review and approval.
- We propose the terms and conditions for the service agreement for the review and approval by the client.
- Our consultants and researchers thoroughly research and analyze the prospective candidates among the sources
in the industry and talents of the client's competitors. We review our company computer databases of individuals

and corporations. Simultaneously, we review the profiles and skill sets of targeted talents at the target companies.

- We make a list of 30 - 50 prospective candidates among the targeted talents.
- Through telephone interviews, we identify the fit of the skill sets and experience.

- The screened 10 prospects from the phone interviews are face-to-face interviewed by our consultants to assess

the skill sets, competency and cultural fit with the client's organization.
- Confidential written reports are submitted on four or five individuals who most closely fit the position specifications.
- The consultant schedules a mutually convenient meeting between the client and each candidate and makes travel
arrangements, etc. If required, we give advice for the selection criteria and interview skills to the client and the

candidates as well. After each interview, our consultant contacts the client and the candidates for feedback.
- Once the client selects one or two final candidate(s), our consultant contacts individuals who are capable of
providing insights about the candidate's qualifications. The collective comments made by these references are

then reviewed with the client.
- ES assists in establishing a neutral position where the client and the candidate may mutually agree upon the
compensation package and the terms and conditions of employment offer. If required, we assist the client to draft

the employment offer and any further aspects of completing the employment offer.
- Once the offer is signed, our consultant remains to ensure the candidate makes a successful transition to the
client's organization. We assist the hired candidates to adapt to the new corporate culture. We provide feedback

and advice about the candidate to the client when necessary.